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Specialist Treatments

Laser (re-growth)

Laser is the only form of re-growth treatment, and is an ideal way to encourage natural re-growth through the stimulation of blood circulation. We believe that you should try to grow your own hair back before considering any other treatment, which will be discussed with you by your consultant.

Laser treatment is FDA approved and is best started within the first five years of experiencing hair loss. Treatment can take place either in the comfort of your own home or in our salon. It can take up to 6 months for the treatment to start working.

Laser hair regrowth therapy offers

Clients' Stories

Many clients have written to us about their experience not only about the various reasons causing their hair loss but also about the way True You Hair Gallery has helped them to overcome the sometimes devastating effects of hair loss.

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Hair replacement (non surgical)

Hair replacements are natural, undetectable and are individually customised to fit - creating the next best thing to your own hair.


A volumiser is designed for someone in the early stages of hair loss, and will create volume and coverage in the areas that you feel most conscious about - giving you the freedom to attach and remove as much as you like.

Integration systems

An integration hair system is attached permanently and is a great way to get coverage, allowing you to integrate you own hair with the replacement.

Hair extensions

Extensions are designed to create length, volume and thickness, and are customised to blend in with your own hair.

Done properly, they are completely undetectable (you won't be able to see where your own hair starts and the extensions end), and won't put any strain onto your own hair.

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