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Human Hair Extensions

Not all hair extensions are the same.

At True You, all our hair extensions are individually customised and designed to be the same colour, texture and density as your own hair - giving you a look that's as natural as possible. And, of course, they're all 100% real human hair.

Clients' Stories

Many clients have written to us about their experience not only about the various reasons causing their hair loss but also about the way True You Hair Gallery has helped them to overcome the sometimes devastating effects of hair loss.

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We don't use glue or any form of adhesive to attach our extensions, which means that our method is a lot kinder than traditional extensions, ensuring your existing hair remains undamaged - and they don't shed because they are pre-bonded.

We also offer ongoing maintenance to move the extensions around, thereby further avoiding stress and strain on your own hair, and allowing your extensions to grow down naturally.

Our extensions can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours to fit depending on how many you need to create just the right style for you.

We have two ranges of hair extensions:

Whatever your choice, the quality is still the same - and you'll still be able to wash, blow-dry and style your hair in the same way as you usually do...the only difference is in the way you shampoo!

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