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Women Hair Replacement

Have you come to a point in your life where something as enjoyable as getting ready for a night out ends in disappointment?

We appreciate that hair loss is a devastating experience for a women, affecting your self-esteem and confidence and making you feel conscious when you go out.

Clients' Stories

Many clients have written to us about their experience not only about the various reasons causing their hair loss but also about the way True You Hair Gallery has helped them to overcome the sometimes devastating effects of hair loss.

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Here at True You, we believe that it's important that your hair replacement is designed to fit in with your life style, and not the other way round...giving you back control of 3 key things:

Fortunately, hair replacement has come a long way since the days when it often failed due to the wrong colour match, highlights, curl/wave texture or density.

At True You, our hair replacements are bespoke and designed to match every individual strand of your hair colour, texture and density.

We only use 100% human hair (unless you ask us specifically for synthetic hair) and can guarantee you the freedom to treat your replacement in the same way you would treat your own hair: washing, blow drying, curling and hair up etc.

Our women's hair replacement system can be cut and styled in any way that you wish it to be: layered, classic bob, graduated bob, tapered haircut etc. The hairline on the replacement is created so naturally and is so undetectable that it gives you the freedom to wear your hair off your face.

Female Hair Loss Treatment

Hair to women is very important and here at True You we want to make sure that every woman is confident and has freedom. Hair loss is devastating for any individual who has to experience it. For many women hair replacement is a subject that they rarely want to talk about and sometimes never want to talk about as it could be embarrassing.

However our female hair loss treatment can be created and designed so that nobody has to know, unless you tell them. There is a variety of different treatments for every individual woman so you can find the right treatment for you ensuring that you are comfortable. For a lot of women hair replacement can be very difficult and here at True You we have specialists to help with all your worries.

Female hair loss treatment should be a definite if you wish to get a new natural look and forget all about your hair loss, we will help you every step of the way providing you with high quality treatments and ensuring you are satisfied.

Hair replacement at True You will allow you to have the hairstyle that you had before your hair loss or thinning. We can create how your hair use to look or how you would like your hair to look.

Our approach is to work as much as possible with your own hair to create a natural, undetectable look. We do appreciate that nothing will ever be quite like your own, but at True You we can ensure that you get the very next best thing.

Your replacement will allow you to live your life to the fullest in every way, allowing you to go swimming, to the gym or take part in any other activities that you choose to - leaving you feeling confident and complete.

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