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Zoe's Story*

I have never been happy with my hair - I always wanted it to be longer and fuller. So I decided to have hair extensions, but for years I was wearing the glue method. Don't get me wrong - I loved them, but the hair kept shedding. If someone touched my hair you could feel them and, more importantly, over a period of time I began to realise the amount of damage the glue had caused to my hair.

After two years of wearing the glue extensions, I decided to remove them all to have a colour and a new head of hair extensions fitted. It had been a while since I had seen my own hair, as I always just got them topped up when I went back to the salon every 3 to 4 months.

Once all my extensions were removed, I couldn't believe it. My hair was so thin and wispy, I just wanted to cry. I decided on that day I had to give my hair a break - it was in such bad condition.

So I lived with it for a few months, even though I hated the way it looked, and then I started looking for a new solution. And that's when I heard from a friend about True You - a company who did hair extensions without using glue, wax or tape!

I couldn't help wondering just how they did attach it, so I arranged for a free consultation. I was showed a sample of hair types and then my own hair was assessed to see what extensions I needed, and how many, to create exactly the look I wanted.

A hair extension was put in my hair, so I could see how it was attached and how it felt and I couldn't believe it. It took less than a minute to put one in and less than a second to remove. I was used to my hair extensions taking hours to fit and hours to remove, not to mention the pain when they're being removed. With these extensions, I couldn't feel a thing!

I was so impressed - and so happy that I would be able to have my long thick hair again. The consultant placed a few extensions in my hair, to see how I got on with them, and said she would call in a few weeks to see how I was doing. They were great... I loved them. In fact, I called back in a week to arrange a second consultation to place my order and to be introduced to the stylist who'd be doing my hair.

I was told my extensions would take 2 to 3 weeks because they were being customised to blend in with my own hair colour, texture and density. After a week I received a call with an update, and the receptionist arranged a date for my fitting.

On the day, I had a colour and an intensive treatment and then my hair extensions were fitted. It took 2 hours to fit them and even though my hair was thick and full, it felt so light. Though I say so myself, I looked amazing!

Before I left, the stylist had one last run through with me to explain how to wash and how best to look after my extensions. I booked my next appointment for my re-groom, because with these hair extensions they're moved up every 6 to 8 weeks - depending on how fast my hair grows. This makes sure there is no stress and strain on my own hair, and also to maintain the hairstyle.

So... great-looking hair extensions, brilliant service, and my real hair isn't getting damaged like it was before. Thanks, True You!

* Names and some personal details have been changed to protect client confidentiality

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