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Trudy's Story*

Losing my hair my was a really hard time in my life, and the first wig I had was awful. It was too thick, the hair was dry and completely different from my own hair. It was too big for my head and it made me hot and itchy. And I couldn't take part in school sports activities or swimming.

I had great friends and family who treatment me no different, but I felt different. I was fed up of wearing hats and scarves and most of all I was upset from looking in the mirror and seeing this different person.

My parents had tried everything and could see how depressed I was getting and starting researching into other solutions out there to get my self confidence back. I just wanted to do all the things my friends were doing and not think about my hair.

My mum found out about hair replacement, but didn't know much about it. But she had seen some amazing before and after pictures of children like me and their hair looked so natural. So my mum called True You to find out more.

Mum's Comment:

"I was so excited and scared I didn't want to get my daughter's hopes up. I spoke to the consultant and I explained everything. She listened and explained as much as she could about how the hair replacement programme worked and why it would be the best solution for her."

My mum arranged a free consultation for us all to go to True You. In the consultation we spoke about all the treatments I could have, and the consultant asked me what I wanted and what would make me happy. I told her I wanted to do all the things I used to like swimming and PE, I didn't want to worry about a windy day any more, I want to go on all the crazy rides I used to and all I wanted was my hair back. Then she told me about the hair replacement program for kids. She said no-one would know unless I told them. Even if someone pulled my hair it wouldn't come off!

She would send my picture away so the colour would be the same as how my hair used to be, and I would be able to wash it and blow-dry it in the same way as everyone else.

Then the consultant told me she was also on the hair replacement program and I could not believe it, her hair was beautiful - it looked so natural! She tugged at it and it never moved. We were all in shock.

The consultant answered all my questions and I already started to feel much happier. We decided to go with the programme and a mould was taken of my head. The consultant took my picture and a sample of my mum's hair was taken, because my hair was the same colour and texture as hers.

When I went back to True You to check my mould and hair sample we met the stylist. She spoke to me about hairstyles and showed us what we needed to do with the mould at home. She was really nice too, and my mould fitted perfectly.

When I went to have my mould fitted I cried - I couldn't believe how natural it looked and felt. I could change my parting and wear my hair off my face. My mum and dad kept looking at me, they could not believe it either.

I had hair!

* Names and some personal details have been changed to protect client confidentiality

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