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Julie's Story*

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was told that with the treatment there was a high chance I was going to lose my hair. I could use the cold cap which may prevent my hair loss, but there was no guarantee.

All I could think of was my children. I felt if anything was to scare or frighten them it was going to be seeing me without my hair. I also wanted to work as long as possible and really didn't want to tell everyone at work, so I started looking at wigs in shops and NHS wigs. There was nothing I liked. All the wigs looked like wigs and nothing like my own hair.

I was at a support group and I was sitting next to this lady who was going through her treatment and her hair looked great. At the end as we were about to go home, I just had to ask her if she had used the cold cap. She laughed and was very flattered and told me it was not her hair and she was wearing a True You cancer wig. Well, when she said wig I couldn't believe it - it looked like hair was growing out of her scalp! The wig was a natural thickness, the hair was beautiful and the hairstyle was so nice as well. She gave me the phone number and told me to have a look at their website.

The next day I called to arrange a free consultation and managed to get an appointment for that week, because I really needed to decide what I was going to do before my hair started falling out.

At the consultation I just wanted to see what it looked like, because I still could not believe that the woman I met was actually wearing a wig. The consultant explained all about the Cancer Wig, that they were bespoke and specially designed for clients to recreate the way their hair looked before the start of the treatment. I also had a choice of how I would like to wear it and when I would I like to start wearing it.

I can have my Cancer Wig designed so I can take it off every night or I could have it permanently attached for up to 4 weeks, which meant I could sleep, shower, and wash and blow-dry in the same way as my own hair.

A mould would be taken and a hair sample for the colour and texture. A duplicate of my hair would be created so that I wouldn't look any different to how I did when I started losing my hair. The special base of the wig is breathable so it doesn't feel hot and it wont affect the growth of my own hair when it starts to grow back. All Cancer hair wigs are made with 100% human hair.

The consultant also said it was up to me when I wanted to start to wear my wig. I could start wearing it at the beginning of my treatment if I didn't want to see any loss, or I could wait till the a point when I felt I could not cope with the loss of my hair any more.

I was so impressed with what I had heard and seen, I knew this was what I had been looking for and decided to go ahead. We both decided the permanent solution would be better for me as I didn't want my kids to see me without hair and I wanted to continue working. Also I really didn't want to be looking at myself without hair every day.

After 5 weeks my Cancer Wig arrived and we arranged a date for my fitting, it had arrived in perfect time because my hair had only just started to thin. On the day of my fitting I was taken to my own private room and my stylist arrived with my system and all I could see was my hair in her hand. The colour was just right! The stylist fitted my wig and I loved it. That day I left True You with one less thing to worry about.

* Names and some personal details have been changed to protect client confidentiality

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