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Joanna's Story

In February 2013 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I had surgery to remove the lump and was given the good news that my Cancer had not spread. I was told, however, that my Cancer was a high grade and I would need a six-month course of Chemotherapy to do all they can to ensure my Cancer does not return.

My BIGGEST fear of having chemotherapy was losing my hair, I immediately started to research my options to the best wigs available. I easily found 'True You Hair' and was amazed to see that a Permanent Hair Care system was available! I was so excited to see that a system could be made to mirror my own hair and that I could wear it permanently, so I would not have the trauma of seeing myself bald, my children would also be spared the emotion too.

I called immediately and spoke to their manager who was so kind and reassured me that my hair loss was 'No longer a problem' and her job was to ensure my new hair care system would be as close a possible to my current hair. She reassured me that the system was comfortable and light, it would breath and I can sleep, shower and even swim in my new hair!

I was so relived, there are no words to explain it!!!!





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