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Jill's Story

This is my natural hair before chemo

I was the only customer there, which meant I had their full attention all to myself - I think that's how they do their appointment system - so that everyone is treated personally, individually, and without interruption. The consultants at True You Hair told me all about my hair system (should I want to go ahead with it - pardon the pun!) and I couldn't believe just how normal things were still going to be.

It was explained to me that only natural hair is used and so therefore, I could shampoo and condition it, swim in it (only after I'd finished my chemo though), I could put heated rollers in it, and best of all - I didn't have to wake up bald every morning because they use some sort of glue or tape to attach to your head! she also said that when you have a hair system, even though you can wash it yourself, they do recommend that you make an appointment every four or five weeks so that they can remove it and wash the inside properly and re-attach it with new tape.

This is my super hair system

Once I had decided to have a system (I certainly didn't need persuading after what I'd been told), then the fun part came - choosing the colour of my new system. I wanted something so close to my own colouring so that I didn't look any different. I appreciate some people want to go for a whole new look to try, but I just wanted to be me. The next fun part was when they had to make a model shape of my head - I will never look at cling film and selotape again without a smile forming!

When my hair system was ready for fitting and styling, Charlene (the stylist) had me in fits of laughter with her chatter, as she was cutting my hair to the style I wanted. The atmosphere in the salon is so relaxed and cheerful, (it may help if you like Lionel Ritchie - I'm sure they had him on repeat in the background on couple of visits!), yet Charlene was very personal and caring to my own needs. I liked the way that she would cover my bald head with a towel when she removed my hair system for what I would call their regular 'posh wash'.

I have, and certainly would recommend True You Hair Gallery. Having a natural hair system that you could treat like your own hair, was so much of a confidence booster when I needed it the most. After all, with all the treatment we have to go through, there will be days when we don't feel good, but at least we will look good.

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