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Graig's Story*

My hair starting thinning at university. I knew it was happening, but for some reason I pushed it to the back of my mind, thinking it would correct itself. It was only when I was on a lads night out and one of my friends made a comment, that I realised it must be quite bad. Of course, I just laughed it off! Even though at that moment I felt so conscious about it, it's not a conversation you can have with you mates, is it?

Going out then became a nightmare for me, I was always trying to avoid bright lights, as the light always seemed to make my hair look worse. I was checking my hair every day to see if it had improved but it hadn't. In all honesty, my hair loss got to a point I felt it was taking control over my life. I felt strangers were looking at me. I washed my hair continually because the greasier it got, the worse the hair loss looked. My self-esteem got so low that everything in my life became too much for me. My relationship even suffered.

I realised I couldn't go on living like this. I had to take back control of my life and find a solution. After a lot of research and lots of consultations I found True You. I went for my free consultation and they listened and advised on what they felt the best solution would be.

I didn't feel pressurised and I felt I had found someone who understood and, more importantly, I came away feeling that I had found a solution that would give me back my self confidence and control over my life.

I am now able to go to the gym and go swimming, in fact I take part in all types of sport. If you were to feel or touch my head you would never know that it's not my real hair - you can't even see where my hair replacement starts and my own hair ends. It looks so natural, that all my friends say is 'what have you been doing? You look so well!'

I can style my hair however I want to, just like I could before - and no-one knows!

* Names and some personal details have been changed to protect client confidentiality

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