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Joanna's Story

In February 2013 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I had surgery to remove the lump and was given the good news that my Cancer had not spread. I was told, however, that my Cancer was a high grade and I would need a six-month course of Chemotherapy to do all they can to ensure my Cancer does not return.

My BIGGEST fear of having chemotherapy was losing my hair, I immediately started to research my options to the best wigs available.

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Lorraine's Story

After finding a lump in my breast at the end of Dec I was shocked to find out I had Grade 3 Cancer.

Following my surgery x 2 I was told that I would have to have Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy & Hormone Therapy to aid my recovery. Being told this was worse than being told about the cancer & the surgery itself as you are warned of all the possible side affects and for everyone that knows me hair loss is by far the worst thing that could happen to me.

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Becky's Story

I can remember the day I was told I had lymphoma and that the next few months would be taken up of many Chemotherapy sessions and Antibody treatment. I remember the consultant telling me that I would loose my hair, but I thought it would never happen to me, but my husband thought differently and decided to search the internet - "just in case" he said.

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Jills's Story

I was the only customer there, which meant I had their full attention all to myself - I think that's how they do their appointment system - so that everyone is treated personally, individually, and without interruption. Jennifer told me all about my hair system (should I want to go ahead with it - pardon the pun!) and I couldn't believe just how normal things were still going to be.

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Craig's Story

My hair starting thinning at university. I knew it was happening, but for some reason I pushed it to the back of my mind, thinking it would correct itself. It was only when I was on a lads night out and one of my friends made a comment, that I realised it must be quite bad. Of course, I just laughed it off! Even though at that moment I felt so conscious about it, it's not a conversation you can have with you mates, is it?

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Julie's Story

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was told that with the treatment there was a high chance I was going to lose my hair. I could use the cold cap which may prevent my hair loss, but there was no guarantee.

All I could think of was my children. I felt if anything was to scare or frighten them it was going to be seeing me without my hair.

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Lucy's Story

I fell pregnant with my first child last year and it was the happiest time of my life. I had a great pregnancy and my hair seemed to be the best it had ever been for years.

After giving birth my hair was fine, but after 3 months I noticed when I had a shower there was hair in the plug and when I combed my hair the comb seem to have more hair on it than usually.

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Trudy's Story

Losing my hair my was a really hard time in my life, and the first wig I had was awful. It was too thick, the hair was dry and completely different from my own hair. It was too big for my head and it made me hot and itchy. And I couldn't take part in school sports activities or swimming.

I had great friends and family who treatment me no different, but I felt different. I was fed up of wearing hats and scarves and most of all I was upset from looking in the mirror and seeing this different person.

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Zoe's Story

I have never been happy with my hair - I always wanted it to be longer and fuller. So I decided to have hair extensions, but for years I was wearing the glue method. Don't get me wrong - I loved them, but the hair kept shedding. If someone touched my hair you could feel them and, more importantly, over a period of time I began to realise the amount of damage the glue had caused to my hair.

After two years of wearing the glue extensions, I decided to remove them all to have a colour and a new head of hair extensions fitted.

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