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Male Hair Replacement

Have you come to a point in your life where you spend increasing amounts of time in the morning trying to cover a thinning area?

At True You, we appreciate that hair loss can be pretty devastating, affecting your self-esteem and confidence. Fortunately, hair replacement for men has come a long way since the days when it often failed due to the wrong colour match, texture or density.

Clients' Stories

Many clients have written to us about their experience not only about the various reasons causing their hair loss but also about the way True You Hair Gallery has helped them to overcome the sometimes devastating effects of hair loss.

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We use the very latest bespoke hair replacements, which are designed to match every individual strand of your hair. Our men's hair replacements can be cut and styled in any way that you wish them to be: cropped, spiky or funky - it's entirely up to you.

We only use 100% human hair (unless you ask us specifically for synthetic hair) and can guarantee you the freedom to treat your replacement in the same way you would treat your own hair...allowing you to go swimming, to the gym, or any other activities that you choose to.

Our approach is to work as much as possible with your own hair to create a natural, undetectable look. We do appreciate that nothing will ever be quite like your own, but at True You we can ensure that you get the very next best thing.

True You offers the Stages programme, which is the gradual way of slowly creating a full head of hair over a long period of time. Male hair replacement is becoming more popular, this is because it provides men with confidence and higher self-esteem as they have a new natural look hiding away the hair loss. Laser (re-growth) is a hair loss treatment for men; this treatment encourages a natural re-growth for the hair.

Male Hair Replacement

The laser treatment provides a more natural look than other types of male hair replacement and treatments. There are many other treatments and hair replacements methods for men as it is becoming more popular as men are starting to look after themselves and starting to lose confidence in what they look like. Here at True you we want to give confidence back to men.

For many men thinning of the hair starts at a younger age and many are spending large amounts of time trying to hide it, however with our hair loss treatment for men we are sure you can find the most natural and comfortable way, of fixing your problem, for you. We try and work with your natural hair first giving you the most natural look ensuring that it is merely impossible to see that you have had hair replacement or treatments.

We believe that men's hair replacement should be designed to fit in with your life style, and not the other way round. Isn't it time you started to get back your confidence and freedom?

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