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Follea® Hair

Follea® is famous for the most beautiful, natural, lightweight, European hair creations for discerning women everywhere.

Follea® use only the finest hair available and are proud of their own highly trained factory team, believed to be the best hairpiece designers and creators in the world. But it doesn't just stop at hair quality.

Whatever your reason is for adding hair, Follea® are known for some of the most innovative hair applications available today.

Employing hundreds of artisans in their state of the art atelier, they start by sourcing, selecting and processing the best natural human hair from Russia, Europe and other parts of the globe - all with stringent quality control and expertise gained from two generations of natural wig making.

Having created each piece of hair art and inspect it before it leaves the factory they bring it all to their Beverly Hills, California headquarters to serve experienced, knowledgeable beauty and hair professionals around the world who have publicly judged Follea's Hair Couture to be Nature's Most Beautiful Hair™.

But the best test of all is yours. We invite you to look, touch and feel our Follea® hair creations:

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