Dear Michael and Follea,
On August 18, 2012 I participated in Charity event for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. This event was called, “Dirty Donkey 5K Mud Run”. I love a challenge and have always wanted to try something like this. This event intrigued me! I had no idea what to expect, except “MUD”!!
Was I up for this challenge? Physically yes, hair wise, well I wasn’t sure. “ What would I do about my hair?” My biggest fear! Would I lose it jumping over hurdles, crawling or sliding in the mud? One can only imagine the embarrassment should that happen, and I was worried. Would everyone point and laugh?
“Would my “Gripper Sport” grip as promised? Maybe I should just forget the event? Or maybe I could wear my old hair, a bathing cap, a scarf, or a helmet? How could I look cool and keep my hair on my head?
Not one to give up, off I went. Gripper in place, heart pounding in trepidation and a worried little voice in my head saying, ”Keep a look out of what’s ahead (pun) and take an alternate route if necessary!” “Hey, I can do this!”
MUD Obstacle #1, climb over the bales, run through knee-­‐deep mud. No problem! Hurdles, easy! 1KM easy. MUD Obstacle #2, hands and knees under a low-­‐slung net in the creek! “Hmm….what if the clip holding my hair up gets stuck in the net???” GET LOWER, CRAWL ON YOUR BELLY! Phew…I was sure glad that one went well. Gripper was still gripping! MUD Obstacle #3, run up the ramp, grab the ropes and make it to the other side or fall in the mud! “ARGH…..down into the mud I went! Is my hair good? Do I still look cool?” MUD Obstacle #4 Water slide with a fire hose on your back! What a hoot!! Screaming and laughing all the way down! I could feel the water and warm air on my head! Gripper on? Yippeee!
Mud Obstacle #5 and #6 were safe ones, just the wind in my hair! BUT the last obstacle was a MUD BATH! Crawl under the wire, in the pit of mud, in order to exit the course! No way out of this one without jeers from the spectators and my family!! OH MY GOODNESS! Standing ahead of me was a very big, muddy guy with a 5-­‐gallon bucket full of MUD aimed for me! MY HAIR!!!! Turning my head to
avoid a facefull of mud, he dumped the whole bucket on TOP of my Head! Not just one bucket, but 3 buckets by the time I was out of the pit!!!!!! I could feel every little pebble. All that water and mud on my head, my skin…… my Gripper! Oh man….what will my hair look like when I exit the course? Will my Gripper have gripped? How will I ever get ALL that mud out of my hair? To the cheers of my family, I exited the course, mud dripping down my face and caked in my hair.
Mud covering every single part of my body. I was elated! Smile a mile wide! Mission complete! GRIPPER STILL GRIPPING!! And I looked Cool!!
In the end I did have to wash my hair 6 times in a row to get that silky feel and glorious shine back, but I would do the “Dirty Donkey MS MUD run” with my “Gripper Sport” again in a heartbeat!
Thanks so much! Love, Ronda

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