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Hair loss is a condition that nobody truly wants to experience. Affecting both men and women around the world it has become one of the most worrying and concerning cosmetic medical conditions, lowering confidence and self esteem. Here at True You Hair we have put our time and energy into creating wonderful ranges of treatments and techniques that allow you to regain those luscious locks you once had. Offering our specialist treatments to both men and women you are sure to find the ideal solution to regain your confidence and your freedom.

Clients' Stories

Many clients have written to us about their experience not only about the various reasons causing their hair loss but also about the way True You Hair Gallery has helped them to overcome the sometimes devastating effects of hair loss.

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For individuals who have to go through the painful experience of hair loss, it is not always a case of losing their hair; it is as much to do with losing the freedom of choice and ability to choose a style you want when it comes to hair. Here at True You Hair we specialise in hair loss treatments for both men and women providing the very best solutions to our wide and varied customer base. Losing your hair shouldn't mean losing your independence or confidence; we can help to regain all of that and much more. We have various treatments now available to ensure that you can find the finest treatment for your needs and requirements.

From thinning to falling out completely, both men and women can go through the tough experience of hair loss. We have created a variety of wonderful hair replacement treatments for all. Our aim at True You is to present you with the advice, support and the treatments you require to receive a comfortable experience and you can walk out of our salon feeling as confident and good about yourself as ever before.

At True You Hair you are presented with many years of experience within the hairdressing industry and with each of our stylists knowing everything there is to know about hair you are sure to receive the best treatment for hair loss. Hair loss shouldn't affect the way you live your life, with us you will discover a variety of treatments that are adapted to fit around you and your lifestyle.

Whether you are receiving hair extensions or laser hair treatment we can achieve the look you desire. Do not hesitate to contact us today if you wish to book a no-obligation consultation.